The Sparkle that is Glitterati

1.  Etiquette

Respect one another.  Your actions reflect not only on yourself but on the whole guild.  No trolling, spamming or flaming in our forums, gaming forums, trade chat, general chat or anywhere!  No cheating using known exploits, bots or other things in violation of the Terms of Service.  Ultimately just be nice to one another!

We are an adult guild and while cursing isn't the end of the world, repeated WTFS!, name calling, or just constant cursing will get you a warning, and then a removal. We do have some younger people, who don't act like that, so we don't expect it from adults.

2.  No Begging!

This is the surest way to annoy everyone and get you a quick removal from the guild. And begging includes asking 10 times in an hour for different things from guildies.

3.  Raiding and Guild Events

If you want to go to a raid, and you sign up, please be there on time. Real life happens, we all know and understand this. All we ask is that you communicate so we aren't waiting on you or worrying about you.  If you don't tell someone you are going to be late, we will fill the slots with alternate sign ups and/or pug the slots. Once the slots are filled, no one will be asked to leave for you, unless its previously arranged with an officer. And realize, if you repeatedly don't show up for a raid, you may not be slotted for future raids. If you can't contact an officer, then just post on the forums, one of us will see it.

4.  Use the forums

We aren't always logged into the game at the same time.  The forums allow us to communicate with one another when we are not in game.  We want you to be included in all activities, you will find out about it here.  Also we are all here to assist one another.  Want to get some ideas of how to gear up your new toon?  Looking for someone to help out with those pesky achievements?  Need something crafted?  Ask here!

5.  HAVE FUN!!!

'Nuf said.